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Happy Bunker Hill Day Everyone!

Jun 17, 2020 | News

Dear Charlestown Neighbors and Friends:

Traditionally, this week signals a very special time of year for Charlestown families. Bunker Hill Day is a time to celebrate and remember the sacrifices made in that first entrenched battle of American Forces. It is also a time when Charlestown celebrates not only its historic place in word history, but also the very fabric of our neighborhood. It is a week of family activities. No matter how big or small, how long you have been here or how you got here, Bunker Hill Week offers everyone an opportunity to celebrate our neighborhood with friends, neighbors and loved ones.

2020 has tested our resolve as a Nation, a City and as a People. We will get through these very trying times together and we will come out better for it. We have been through difficult days in the past. We will look in the mirror, see who is looking back, as ask ourselves, “What can we do better to help our neighbors?”

This year we will miss the sound of drum corps feet, the done of bagpipes wafting through the early summer air and the revelry of the fifes and drums. Our first-responders will not lead that charge up the hill. They are too busy being front-line superheroes. But, we have each other – and that is worth celebrating! Next year, we will bring back the full celebration and all its regalia. In 2021, Bunker Hill Day will be bigger and better than ever. It will be well worth the wait.

Until then, Happy Bunker Hill Day from my family to you and yours! Please find a way to celebrate our neighborhood and history as safely as possible. I will in touch over the summer. Now more than ever, Charlestown needs your vote this September 1st. We have been through a lot together. I am with you in these uncertain times. I plan on marching over Bunker Hill street as a son of Charlestown and your State Represetative in 2021!


Dan Ryan
State Representative